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Node provider
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes

Fast realiable blockchain nodes

Anonymous service - No KYC

 1 Node   $50 - unlimited calls
400 Requests Per Second - 200 RPS on Archive - Websocket

3 Nodes $100 - unlimited calls
400 Requests Per Second - 200 RPS on Archive - Websocket

All Nodes $300 - unlimited calls
600 RPS total, 400 RPS on Fullnodes - 200 RPS on Archive - Websocket

Free Trial 1 Fullnode - 24 hours    
400 Requests Per Second - no archive - https & wss   


Node provider
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
Node Provider
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes

99% Uptime - Responsive support - Dedicated team - Reliable service


SpeedyNodes: Simplifying Blockchain Node Access for Seamless Integration


Empowering Blockchain Connectivity with Unparalleled Speed and Accessibility

In the dynamic realm of blockchain technology, the reliability and speed of nodes play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless interactions within decentralized networks. SpeedyNodes emerges as a frontrunner in the sphere of blockchain node provision, offering an array of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of blockchain developers and enthusiasts.


Free Tier for Unmatched Accessibility: SpeedyNodes takes pride in democratizing access to blockchain nodes by providing a free tier that allows users to harness the power of 10 Requests Per Second (RPS) with a generous monthly limit of 1,000,000 requests. This free tier serves as a stepping stone for developers and users to explore the capabilities of SpeedyNodes without any financial commitment.


Diverse Node Offerings:

At SpeedyNodes, diversity is key. The platform offers a range of nodes, from Archive to Fullnodes, each catering to specific requirements within the blockchain ecosystem. Whether you're delving into historical data with Archive nodes or requiring real-time data with Fullnodes, SpeedyNodes has you covered.


Tiered Pricing for Flexibility:

Understanding the varied needs of its user base, SpeedyNodes introduces tiered pricing, ensuring that users can choose a plan that aligns with their specific demands. The journey begins with Tier 1, priced at $50, offering access to a single node equipped with archive capabilities. This tier comes with an enticing proposition of unlimited calls, allowing users to harness the full potential of their chosen node.


Unparalleled Speed and Performance: SpeedyNodes is committed to living up to its name by providing NVMe speed for all its nodes. This ensures that users experience lightning-fast response times, crucial for applications and projects that require real-time data retrieval and processing. With RPC WSS and HTTPS support, SpeedyNodes ensures a secure and efficient environment for blockchain interactions.

Chains - Mainnet

Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
  • Binance

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon

  • Avax

  • Cronos

  • Arbitrum One

  • Bitcoin

  • Optimism

  • Pulsechain

  • Base

  • Fantom

  • Ton

  • Blast




$50 monthly for 1 full node

$100 for 3 different nodes 

$200 Dedicated Node

$300 for ALL nodes

$35 for a VPS 

Archive nodes

Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes
  • Ethereum Erigon

  • Binance Erigon

  • Polygon Erigon

Full Customer Service

We intend to help in any way we can, and answer all of our customers asap. If you have questions, contact us.

Comprehensive Protocol Support:

The nodes provided by SpeedyNodes are not limited to a single blockchain protocol. Instead, they support a variety of protocols, including eth, net, web3 txpool, debug, and trace call (archive). This versatility ensures that developers can seamlessly integrate SpeedyNodes into projects built on different blockchain platforms.


Transparent and Predictable Pricing: SpeedyNodes believes in transparency and simplicity when it comes to pricing. The tiered structure and clear limits empower users to make informed decisions based on their specific needs, eliminating any surprises or hidden costs.


In conclusion, SpeedyNodes stands out as a reliable and high-performance blockchain node provider, offering a spectrum of services that cater to both beginners exploring the free tier and seasoned developers requiring dedicated and feature-rich nodes. With a commitment to speed, versatility, and accessibility, SpeedyNodes is poised to shape the future of blockchain node provision.

You can buy our service through online chat - telegram - discord

Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes

  Free Trial 
24 hours

Access to 1 Fullnode



400 Requests Per Second

1 API call = 1 Request

NVMe Speed


eth, net, web3 txpool,


Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes

  Tier 1  

Access to 1 node

Unlimited calls

400 Requests Per Second

200 RPS on Archive

1 API call = 1 Request

NVMe Speed


eth, net, web3 txpool,


trace call (archive)

Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes

 Tier 2

Access 3 nodes you choose

Unlimited calls

400 Requests Per Second

200 RPS on Archive

1 API call = 1 Request

NVMe Speed


eth, net, web3, txpool,


trace call (archive)

Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes

          Tier 3

ALL Fullnodes (13)

ALL Archive Nodes (3)

Unlimited calls

400 Requests Per Second

200 RPS on Archive

600 RPS in Total

NVMe Speed


eth, net, web3 txpool,


trace call (archive)

Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes

Private Node 

Dedicated Node

Full Node - From $200-$300

Archive Node - From $400-$800

Unlimited calls

Unlimited RPS

NVMe Speed


eth, net, web3 txpool,


trace call (archive)




8 vCPU

100 gb SSD

0-3 ms to the nodes


Access with Cisco VPN/teamviewer


The Vital Role of Blockchain Node Operators in a Decentralized Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, node operators play a crucial role in maintaining the security, transparency, and decentralization that are the pillars of this revolutionary innovation. Acting as gatekeepers, these operators ensure the smooth functioning of the blockchain network, verify transactions, store data, and participate in the consensus process. This article delves into the significance of blockchain node operators and the impact they have on shaping the future of decentralized systems.

1. Upholding Network Security:
Blockchain node operators act as the backbone of network security, contributing to the overall integrity and trustworthiness of the system. By running a full node, which maintains a complete copy of the blockchain, they actively participate in the validation and verification of transactions. This process ensures that only legitimate transactions are added to the blockchain while preventing fraudulent activities and potential attacks.

2. Ensuring Data Integrity:
Data integrity is paramount in any blockchain network, and node operators play a pivotal role in this regard. By storing a copy of the blockchain ledger, they contribute to the redundancy and immutability of the data. This redundancy minimizes the risk of data loss and provides a failsafe mechanism in case of any failures in other nodes. Moreover, their continuous participation in the consensus process ensures that data is verified and agreed upon by multiple nodes, securing the accuracy and trustworthiness of the information stored on the blockchain.

3. Facilitating Consensus:
Consensus mechanisms are the heart of a decentralized blockchain system. Node operators actively participate in consensus protocols, such as Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS), where they validate and authenticate each transaction. By running computational processes to reach a consensus, they contribute to the fairness and transparency of the blockchain network. Through their efforts, blockchain achieves its goal of eliminating the need for a central authority or intermediaries, making it a truly decentralized ecosystem.

4. Promoting Decentralization:
One of the key advantages of blockchain technology is its ability to decentralize power and decision-making. Node operators play a pivotal role in achieving this decentralization by hosting nodes across different geographical locations, ensuring a distributed network. By doing so, they prevent any single entity or individual from having control over the system, maintaining the immutability and integrity of the blockchain.

5. Community Engagement and Governance:
Blockchain node operators often engage in community

Server information

"At SpeedyNodes, we take performance seriously. That's why we custom-build our servers, meticulously selecting top-of-the-line components including CPUs, RAM, NVMe storage, and server cases.


By doing so, we ensure optimal performance for running all of our chains. But we don't stop there. We also take control of our network infrastructure, procuring it ourselves to guarantee superior performance.


This approach allows us to closely monitor every aspect and fine-tune our systems for maximum efficiency. At SpeedyNodes, optimization isn't just a goal—it's a commitment."

Unleashing the Power of Servers for Blockchain: Building a Secure and Decentralized Future

1. Security: Safeguarding Distributed Ledger Networks
Servers act as the backbone of blockchain systems, providing the necessary computational power to validate transactions, secure data, and ensure the integrity of the distributed ledger. By utilizing robust consensus algorithms and cryptographic techniques, servers work in concert to validate and record every transaction on the blockchain, creating an immutable and tamper-proof record. The redundant nature of servers within a decentralized network enhances security, making it exceptionally difficult for malicious actors to compromise the system.

2. Decentralization: Empowering Trust and Transparency
The decentralized nature of blockchain hinges on servers distributed across multiple nodes or locations. Unlike traditional centralized systems, blockchain networks utilize consensus mechanisms such as Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS) to ensure that multiple servers, or "nodes," participate in the validation process. This decentralized architecture not only enhances the resilience and fault tolerance of the network but also minimizes the risk of single points of failure or manipulation.

3. Scalability: Nurturing Global Adoption
Efficient server infrastructure is essential for the scalability of blockchain networks. As the number of transactions grows, servers must handle the increasing workload without compromising performance or reliability. Modern server technologies, such as cloud-based solutions and containerization, enable seamless scalability, allowing blockchain networks to handle large transaction volumes while maintaining optimal response times.

4. Selecting the Right Server Infrastructure:
a. Processing Power: Blockchain networks require servers with high processing capabilities to validate transactions and execute complex cryptographic operations efficiently. Multi-core processors and powerful GPUs are essential for achieving optimal performance in blockchain environments.

b. Storage and Memory: Robust storage solutions, such as solid-state drives (SSDs), ensure quick access to data needed for transaction validation and retrieval. Sufficient RAM is crucial for managing the blockchain's growing memory pool and supporting concurrent operations.

c. Networking: Fast and reliable network connections are paramount to maintain the continuous flow.

Server Info
Blockchain info

We Take Pride in Our Numbers




Dedicated Nodes


Full Nodes


Archive Nodes


Total Years of Experience



Low price and good service. Highly recommend


I really appreciate you contacting me. Your Node is really stable. It has solved our previous problem of unexpected data errors (amazing). We have also tested the alchemy Node, and from what we have seen, the quality and stability is the similar (very cool), but your price is really affordable.

Customer reviews

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Who and what are we



CEO & Founder



CFO & Founder



Lead Engineer

SpeedyNodes is a blockchain-as-a-service solution that lets users get access to full Nodes. The service provides a high-quality infrastructure that is quick, cost-effective, and reliable with customer support.


We provide cryptocurreny nodes on different networks, some with archive enabled.

We do host all of our services from our own datacenter, which are placed in scandinavia. We dont host from Amazon, Hetzner, Google etc. like all our competitors. And that is why we have extraordinary prices in comparison. We also have faster nodes as you can read in our customer reviews. Everything is running on high-end servers and high-end enterprise network equipment. We've got fibers with 1000/1000 upload/download

RPC url
RPC url

RPC url

Blockchain Nodes - Full Nodes - Dedicated Nodes - Archive Nodes





bsc-archive-http  -  bsc-archive-ws

eth-archive-http  -  eth-archive-ws

pol-archive-http  -  pol-archive-ws

Put your APIkey in after apikey=





arbitrum-http  - arbitrum-ws

avax-http  - avax-ws

base-http  -  base-ws

bsc-http  -  bsc-ws

cronos-http  -  cronos-ws

eth-http  -  eth-ws

fantom-http  -  fantom-ws

pol-http  -  pol-ws

pulsechain-http  -  pulsechain-ws

optimism-http  -  optimism-ws



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Put your APIkey in after apikey= ✅

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